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We hope this finds each of you blessed and doing well in Jesus.

As you have heard relationships are key. We believe that the only way for a man to stay committed to Christ is to be in Godly relationships that point and push us towards Him. We have seen the value of relationship with others over the years and have noticed that a lot of men do not even have one brother that he can trust and walk with. We begin to pray and out of that prayer time, we have felt that God has called us to train and raise up Godly men for the Kingdom, thus that was the beginning of Tools 24/7 Inc.

We are a non-profit men's ministry that is here to help men grow.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to show/teach MEN how to better build relationships, have accountability, communicate, share life, how to trust, how to be vulnerable and many other issues that MEN have.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to change today's norm and to change the Church by helping MEN get real with their relationships with other MEN, thus getting real with their relationship with God. We believe it effects everything we do!

We know that Jesus walked with twelve, out of those twelve He walked with 3 very closely. Who are you walking with? Who are you praying with? What brother do you have that is celebrating and elevating you to greatness? Who do you call when you struggle or feel alone in your circumstance or sin?

God has called us to create a ministry called Tools 24/7 to help men get to the next level. We have a heart for all men to become great, awesome, powerful men of God.

We would love for you to come check us out!!

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